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Hello there  &  Welcome to my website .

This website is about my tips  for Personal Training &  Nutrition Consultation.
I hope you find this site informative and productive for your fitness training & nutritional needs.
Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have through my, contact us, page.

I come from a backround of 22 years in military service with 18 years as a Physical Training Instructor specialising in what some people call bootcamps,     We just called it “Battle PT”, lasting for hours at a time.

I have also undertaking several Diet & Nutrition courses to compliment an individuals training.
Even the fittest of people will fatigue at some point and can do no more, other than cause injury after that point. This is where your nutrition is comes into play, to keep a well oiled machine (your Body) in tip top condition.


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22yrs experience Military combat PT Instructor